Snap-In Cable Glands without Thread, Brass


w/o thread / Size M20 / 6,0-12,0mm / SL=9,0mm

Brass cable glands, without thread

• Easy assembly: push cable gland and turn body clockwise.
• For wall thickness 0,5 mm to 4,0 mm.
• High quality strain relief and sealing, reliable performance for standard industrial applications.
• Easy disassembly (with separate tool).

Products specifications
Material Body , Cap Brass Nickel plated
Seal CR ( Chloroprene )
Gasket CR (Chloroprene)
Clamping Insert PA 6 (Polyamide 6)
Lower Body PA 6 (Polyamide 6)
Ingress Protection Rating
IP 68 - 5 Bar, 30 min
IP 66
Flammability V2 according to UL94
Approvals The sealing material is UV resisted.
Operating Temperature Permanent Intermittent
-20 °C to +100 °C -40 °C to +150 °C
Cable Type Non Armoured
Accessories Dome plugs
Reducing seals
Flat cable seals
Multihole seals
Disassembly tools (one piece included per Minimum Order Quantity)
Remarks Different seal types available.
In compliance with DIN EN 62444.
Accessories must be ordered separately.
Snap Size 20
Length (SL) 9,0 mm
Ø (SD) 20,0 mm
Clamping Range Outer Sheath Ø min - max 6,0 - 12,0 mm
Seal Type Single
Enclosure Hole Ø 20,2 - 20,4 mm
Spanner Width Cap 22 mm
Body 22 mm
Outer Ø (D) 32,3 mm
max. Height (H) 46,0 mm
Part Number BBOS-12