Cable Entry Plates BPA(S)

BPA-S 4 Ways

BPA-S 4 Ways

Cruus and Type 4X

E467237 | UL 508A CSA C22.2 NO. 14-18 

UL 50E


• The BPA cable entry plates are designed for connectorised and of course for
non-connectorised cables.
• They can be used instead of standard cable glands, when the space on the enclosure is
limited and also as an economical solution.
• The grommets are pyramidal and their outer surface shapes are conical.
• This conicity ensures high strain relief values, when they are compressed into their conical seats.
• There is no side or back operation.

Products specifications
Material Frames, Plates and Inserts PA Glass Fibre Reinforced
Clamping Seals CR (Chloroprene)
Main Frame Seal Polyurethane
Screws, Locknut Steel
Washers (Screws) NBR
Ingress Protection Level
Type 12,13
Type 4X
Flammability Rate HB According to UL94
Operating Temperature -40 °C to +80 °C
Variants and Clamping Ranges
4 Ways (2 small + 2 large seals)
7 Ways (6 small + 1 large seals)
10 Ways (10 small seals)
Enclosure Cut Out 112x46 mm
Fixation Screws M4x0,7x20 mm Fitted with M3 Allen Head
Overall Dimensions 156,5x75,5x27,2 mm
Plate Type BPA-S 4 Ways
No. Of Cable Entries 4(2A+2B)
Type A No. Of Cable Entries 2
B No. Of Cable Entries 2
Frame Width A 156,5 mm
Height B 75,5 mm
Dept C 27,5 mm