Reducing Seals Single, Rubber

MS-07C , MS-07N , MS-07SR , MS-07E


Reducing seals, single

• For reducing the clamping ranges of cable glands.
• High quality strain relief and sealing, reliable performance for standard industrial applications

Products specifications
Material CR (Chloroprene)
Replaced Standard Seal Ø min-max 34,0 - 44,0 mm
Clamping Range Reducing Seal Ø min-max 29,0 - 35,0 mm
Inner Ø (ID) 35,5 mm
Outer Ø (D) 51,0 mm
Height (h) 16,5 mm
Part Number CR , black MS-07C
NBR , black MS-07N
Silicone , red MS-07SR
EPDM , black MS-07E